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So what do we Sell? We sell industry specific software products that generate revenue and improve efficiency.

Stellar Software sells Marina specific software applications designed to help automate Marina process and modernize the Marina industry from a Technology Perspective. We have Desktop, Tablet and Mobile based applications that allow Marinas to: take online reservations, manage inventory, sell items, manage tasks, automate pricing, track inventory status, communicate with customers and automate their marketing efforts/.
We consult, we counsel, we dream, we build, and we deliver awesome code and excellent products.

We know that our clients don’t just need a Software Platform, they need a partner. So our approach is relational, practical, and down-to-earth. We treat clients like we would want to be treated because it’s the right thing to do and a great way to grow. And so far, it’s been working.

We are looking for a Pathfinder to evangelize for Industry Specific Software as a Service Solutions that can help make the world a better place. 
Who we are is more important to us than how much money we make. We are looking for someone who upholds his core values above all else and leverages those values to help others. Candidates must be extroverted and driven by the success of maintaining positive, proactive relationships.
We are looking for an individual that takes a relational partner driven approach to sales. In this new frontier it is those that collaborate, those that work together that survive. There is enough land beyond the horizon, that can be seen, why squabble amongst others for a particular piece -When beyond every sunrise there is increasing more to be discovered or created. 
We care about people, and we to spread that value in all our interactions. Someone who shares our values and can make someones day better just by speaking with them is an imperative personality trait for this role. Because its not just a roll it's a calling. 

What’s In it For You:

You get to promote “awesome.” We solve complex, interesting problems, you aren’t just pushing Widget A over Widget B your evangelizing for change, your are promoting the future of mankind.
You get to be part of a proven, successful team. Stellar Software has seen massive, positive growth year-over-year because we consistently deliver well for clients. The hive is always buzzing with projects because the word about the kind of results we deliver is out there.

You get to be autonomous. We only hire A-list players who manage themselves well. We begin with the fact that we are adults who do what we love and won’t accept anything less than executing our very best, simply because we think of our work as our art.

Required Skills and Competencies:

A minimum of 2 years experience in sales (preferred).

Specific experience in software or technology sales (preferred).

Specific experience in software development or agile environments are a plus.

A demonstrated ability to build relational rapport with clients, to think for client’s needs proactively, to communicate business value clearly, to set expectations appropriately, and to always seem available as a friendly trustworthy voice of reason, both in person, in written communication, and on the phone.

A high-level working knowledge of the development process and associated terminology and applications is a plus.

A demonstrated experience in taking ownership of projects, taking the initiative, and serving others, whether teammates or clients.

A demonstrated experience managing client expectations and communicating scope, updates, and changes.

Prospecting: candidate will be required to find clients that would benefit substantially from the services of Stellar Software LLC

Needs Assessment: candidate will be required to assess the needs of potential clients

Business Process Assessment: candidate will be required to assess current problems in the use of technology in the work place and suggest a more efficient use of technology

Consultation: candidate will be required to consult with client and assist the client in making marketing, and web development decisions

Proposal: candidate will be required to assist in the proposal development process

Presentation: candidate will be required to present presentations in front of potential clients

Account Management: client will be required to manage relationship with client post-sale

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Marina Management Software

Stellar Software focuses on Hospitality and Software. Their company has offices in Atlanta. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://stellarims.com

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