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David Mazières

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Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Chief Scientest, Co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation.
I lead technical development at Stellar. My hope is that Stellar.org will enable full economic participation for all human beings.


Tiffany Stewart

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I am a highly motivated people person working in engineering and design. Operations Guru at tech startups turned product designer and developer.
internet maker

Rafał Malinowski

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Worked at Stellar Development Foundation

Kori Higgins

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Global Development Manager @Stellar Development Foundation | Former Director of Business Development @Landscape Capital Management

Jesse Tinsley

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Currently at Stellar. Previous stints at Coinbase, Honor, HackerRank, VeloCloud, Nauto, 23andMe and others.
Intern @ Stellar Development Foundation

Zachary Freundt

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Director, Community @Stellar Development Foundation | FOSS & decentralization advocate | Creative Direction, content development, marketing, and 'blockchain'

Jonathan Jove

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MIT Double Major in Math and Physics, Minor in Economics; Programming for 14+ years in C++, Python, etc

Marta Lokhava

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Software Engineer at Stellar Development Foundation

Lisa Nestor

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Bartek Nowotarski

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Software Engineer at @Stellar Development Foundation | @Facebook White Hat | @Yahoo Bug Bounty Wall of Fame | @Harvard Business School HBX CORe

Scott Fleckenstein

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Back-end developer at multiple startups; Experience leading development teams; Experience scaling a product to hundreds of millions of users.

Board members and advisors

Co-founder of @WordPress and CEO of @Automattic. You can see existing investments and exits here: http://audrey.co/ Recent exits include @MakerBot to Stratasys, @Divide to Google, @Creative Market to Autodesk.
Blockchain & fintech-focused attorney. JD @Harvard University & BA in Math @University of Virginia
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Former team

Eva Gantz

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Morley Zhi

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Gosia Machniewska

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Joyce Kim

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Colleen McGarry

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