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Online Dance Classes With The World's Best Instructors

Online Dance Classes With The World's Best Instructors

STEEZY's mission is to make dance accessible to everyone, starting with online dance classes with the world's best instructors. On STEEZY Studio, beginners can start learning with no experience, and seasoned dancers can practice new techniques and choreography. There are over 200+ classes in various levels, styles, and lengths (10 minutes to 2 hours). Our custom video player lets the user control the pace, structure, and view of each class. We believe that anyone can be a great dancer – with the right resources and support.

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Connor Lim

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COO of STEEZY. Teaching the world to dance with online dance classes from world class choreographers.

Evan Zhou

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Co-Founder/CEO of STEEZY, an online dance company teaching the world to dance.