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Heavy industry. Smart sourcing

Heavy industry. Smart sourcing

At Steel Available, we are dedicated to create a transparent global supply chain via our services and online sourcing platform. We are the first independent, heavy industry platform that provides trusted information about suppliers to our buyers. We work to strengthen your existing suppliers relations and create new ones based on transparency and credibility, one order at a time. Specialties e-marketplace, pipes and fittings, flanges, oil and gas, nickel alloys, power gen, ingots, bars, coils, tie rods.

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Antonio Guadagnino

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CEO @M2Italia • Co-Founder @Steel Available, Worked at @4THESIGN STUDIO Innovation and design
Industrial Designer, Entepreneur, Innovation Advisor. Founded 4THESIGN, PDimensional (sold to Elettrofor), ODG8, M2 Italia. Brand Creator for WOODN Industries.
Engineer, worked as Business Engineer and Account management. NGO background in Asia.
Francesco Grillo is currently CEO at Steel Available. Previously, he was the General Manager of M&M Forgings China.