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There are over 250 million cars on the road in the US alone, the average life span for a car is 16 years, owners keep their cars now up to 11 years before trading, yet the installed base of ADAS solutions is less than 15%.

Backup cameras are now Mandatory in 100% of all new cars below 10,000 pounds (May 2018). Blind Spot detection, collision avoidance, lane departure, distracted driving monitoring...these 'after market' solutions are next.
Co-founded 5 Startups; Invented a Drug & 2 Medical Devices, Published Research; 3 Degrees @University of Michigan (MSE in PharmE; BSE in BME; BBA in Finance)

Matthew Wu

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Advisor to start-ups regarding venture capital, operations and legal strategy. Analyst working in IP law and financial litigation. Value investor.

Yang Niu

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EIR @Panache Ventures Options Trading Engineering Physicist / Project Engineer

Natalia Kubik-Maćkowiak

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Solver of puzzles: Tech | Strategy | Product | Finance

Robbie Salter

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Oh hi. It's me. We should chat.
- Currently Heading a "Data Factory" on Movement Data (until 12/19) - Ex CRM & Marketing Director @BMW Group - Experienced in building up high-performance teams
Sales,Business Development, SaaS

Oded Eran

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Worked@ Amazon & Applied Materials, Strong leadership and operational experience
7+ years mobile development and 2+ years product experience. Constantly exposed to Agile environment and have my own startup on the side. I know what it takes.

Greg Kuhlmann

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Data Science and ML Eng leader with expertise in mitigating fraud and abuse, creating tools for joyful AI deployment. Proud builder of an Austin-based business.

Rajneesh Kaul

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MBA Graduate (NUS Singapore) B2B Enterprise Solution Sales, Business Development, Strategy,Negotiation, Financial Modelling, Commercial Risk Analysis

Sumit Chugh

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Founder @ Stealth Startup Product guy, MBA, 14+ yrs exp, Ex Amazon and Yahoo! Skills: Business Strategy, Product Definition, Go To Market, Capital, Sales
MIT course 6-3. Independent full stack generalist. Team player, quick learner. Write code humans can read!
Founder and CEO of Careerify (sold to LinkedIn), Author, and Angel Investor

Ana-Cecilia Alvarez

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I'm a data-driven problem solver using my analytical skills to improve product features & lead GTM strategies. 8+ years working with C-suite in VC, Tech & Gov.

Sindhya Valloppillil

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CEO of SkinGenie. Award-winning beauty exec. Marketing Professor & freelance writer. Led ZIRH's marketing & product development prior to its exit to P&G

Jim Stern

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Tejas Raut Dessai

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Product & Strategy

Frank G

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Crypto consulting founder and chief executive officer.

Brian Yack

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Founder - Symbioh VP Recruiting - 832-867-4646

Sergey Ivanov

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A seasoned product manager passionate about designing and building customer-first digital experiences for global products.
Over 9 years of full-stack software development and research experience. Senior software engineer at Uber, MS CS from UIUC and MSE from Stanford.

Doug Frede

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Worked at Stealth-Mode Startup. Went to University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Kalam Ali

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Making 🔥 w artists x tech ex-Venture Native Instruments Launched co-founded Marathon Artists Labs Past: Accelerators London, Berlin, Israel. IB & Strategy

Angelo Embuldeniya

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Serial Entrepreneur. Product Strategist. Angel Investor. Formerly worked at @HP @SAP @Fujitsu

Jesse Gurney

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Technical Recruiter

Richard Kim

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CSO @ Chain Partners, VP @Ather Energy, RPCV @ US Peace Corps

Mukarrum Pasha

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Sylvester Kaczmarek

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Executive. AI Scientist. Board Member. Advisor. Passionate about Space, Robotics, AI, and Innovation

Stella Carpio

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10+ years of experience in Leadership, Marketing, Project, & Product Management Avid sports fan & world traveler MBA, MS; Whitman School of Management Syracuse

Vlad Christoff

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Co-founder & COO @Fasten, Co-founder & CEO @Motobidia, Head of Operations @NGP VAN. Ridesharing, marketplaces, automotive, SaaS & big data.

Kuldeep B

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Mishelle Weinerman

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Tufts Alum, Consumer Insights Manager for Private Equity firms at AlphaSights. Have launched my own marketing consulting agency and idea incubator

Damien Scott

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CEO & Co-founder at NewCo. Formerly, X, Williams F1/Williams Advanced Engineering.

Avivit Ariel

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-Clinical development for both large and small molecules -Mentorship for start-ups. -Expert and Judge for start-up accelerators -Founder -Seed investor

Carl Li

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Pushpesh Dutt

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Abhinav Chandra

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Daniel Licht

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Growth, Product, Story. Always curious, always learning, always creative. Previously, growth @Osmo, @Next36 & @Tradecraft alumni.

Rishabh Karajgi

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Product & Engineering @Yellow Messenger. CSE @ NIT Warangal CS, TEP @ Indian School of Business, WRO Finalist

Jimmy Chu

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Creator of the Intelligent Numbers Game predictive lead scoring methodology, up to +18% avg per rep. Startups are now trying to do this with machine learning.

Abtin Setyani

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Founder, Co-founder

David Sun

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Worked at Stealth-Mode Startup, Stealth-Mode Startup
Accomplished entrepreneur, leader and investor who builds workplaces where exceptional performance is the norm. Currently working on a plan to disrupt the ...

Frank Thomas

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Founder @Stealth startup ; CTO @Freckle IoT , Founder @Rubikloud Technologies Inc. ; @University of Waterloo Computational Mathematics grad; Data expert

John Iona

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SERIAL "HIRED GUN" CEO - Trusted Senior Advisor to Founders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, et al to Ensure their Emerging Growth Tech Plays, WIN!

Alessandro De Blasis

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Polyglot Technologist. Building cloud-native apps

Jennifer Lazea

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Marketing professional with a creative flair and love for analytics. BS biology, BA communication, passion for entrepreneurship
Building something new • Formerly Marketing @Flexport @Gogoro Sales @Bloomreach
Corporate Human Resources & Talent Management at Lucid Motors
Technologist, product guy, and investor
Building a new company in the beauty tech space
Founder @ Startup_in_Stealthmode | FullStack Developer | DevOps Developer @Scientific Games Fullstack engineer @Hein Fricke India Manager @Quinstreet
experienced technologist brilliant administrator entrepreneur investor
Software Engineer

Ruskin Landreth

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Product, Analytics, Design, Burritos ----- Product @Kinesso @ShareThis @IAC @About @Investopedia @RealPage
Experienced entrepreneur, product owner and executive. Startup and Fortune 100 experience. Seeking the next great opportunity...

Ryoh Tsukahara

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Entrepreneur, Software Engineer (Swift, Go)

Gregory Harris

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Building AI product for Blockchain; Advisor to, NYAI, previously at @Machine Colony ; Grad school @University of Pennsylvania

Douglas Kuhn

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I'm just a robot and I know my place, a metal servant to the human race.

Seiji Liu

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Co-Founder, President at Stealth Co (HC/Tech); Partner @IFG Health; Studied Econ @Harvard; former HC banking @J.P. Morgan ; former PE @Court Square Capital

Freezan Mohammed

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Worked at Indium Software - Independent Software Testing Company

Kenn Butler

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EIR @Accomplice. HS dropout, part time kid. Currently building a stealth mode startup. Always happy to meet for coffee.

Dhruv Vig

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CoFounder @StealthMode Digital Health start-up, before that Venture Associate at @SRI International, Post-Doc @Johns Hopkins University

Vijay Bharath

Avatar for Vijay Bharath
Working on something cool in the medical domain.

Brian Hillsley

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People-oriented software engineer that enjoys working on frontend web dev and data analysis/visualization.

Leo Shapiro

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(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Kyle Kilcoyne

Avatar for Kyle Kilcoyne
Ain’t no half stepping... Built it, sell it!
Founder & Want to be an awesome developer in my next life :)
Data Scientist. Physics at Caltech. Attack pressing problems head-on, rigorously. Make the intractable tractable and the merely imagined a reality.

AK Dutta

Avatar for AK Dutta
Founder @Stealth-Mode Startup, Banpil • Worked at @Fujitsu, @Nec

Sheryl B. Marymount

Avatar for Sheryl B. Marymount
Creating awesome people focused experiences. Developing and supporting meaningful relationships. Incorporating passion, creativity, and mindfulness into life.

Pankaj Rajan

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CEO of Ingenus Inc. Worked at Microsoft, Ayasdi, eBay, WalmartLabs, AMD & startups. Build Machine Translation @eBay & Semantic Search
Manager | Writer | Startup Enthusiast | Mentor Project/Operations/Program Manager and Expert Business Analyst, with 15 years of total experience.
Founder of a stealth logistics company, Masters from MIT.

Vikas Agrawal

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Founder and CTO, Software for Datacenter. Experienced technology, marketing & business development professional

Hua Shu

Avatar for Hua Shu
Principal Software Engineer

Chang Feng

Avatar for Chang Feng
Built web scale communication platforms and services. Worked at ooVoo as CTO. Digital video and telecom expert. Startup enthusiast. Multi-patented inventor.
Areas of Expertise Blockchain , Ethereum , State Channels , Solidity , Web3, Android Development , C ,Python , C++ , Java , Computational Geometry
BigData|Distributed Systems|Quantitative Modeling & Optimization|Gamification|Python|Matlab|Elixir|Scala|R|Excel-VBA|SPSS|Minitab|Cassandra|Postgres|MySQL

Jack Pavlov

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CEO & Founder of a startup focusing on Data Analytics and Market Research. Pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Physics
I recruited in Japan for four years and helped Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and Facebook hire top talent in Asia. Now I'm traveling, writing and freelancing.

Lauren Lochridge

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Product Manager, Technical Program Manager, Strategist, Architect. Big Data Analytics, SNA, Recommender systems, DM, ML, AI, BI, Martech, Targeting.

Terell Sterling

Avatar for Terell Sterling

Malek EG

Avatar for Malek EG
Founder & CEO of an exciting startup in the last mile logistics space. Previously Intrapreneur and Innovation Manager @ Auchan e-Commerce.
CEO at Stealth-Mode Startup

Ilan Ariel

Avatar for Ilan Ariel
Founder & CEO @Stealthmode Startup , Enterprise Software Sales @Oracle @MuleSoft, Engineer @Vitria Technology

Baljeet Kumar

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Cofounder at a tech startup. Ex-Treebo,Snapdeal and PayU. IIT Roorkee Graduate 2011
Karen is an executive leader with extensive experience in growing high tech start-ups, focusing on recruitment, operations management and investor relations.

Harsh Vinayak

Avatar for Harsh Vinayak
Product Manager; CMU Grad
Student of Life. Entrepreneur originally from Ohio. Executive leader & problem solver who inspires creativity, provokes thought, & enjoys the grind of startups.
Founded 2 tech startups. Worked at McKinsey & Co. Studied Computer Science at IIT Madras

Jose Renato Santos

Avatar for Jose Renato Santos
Startup Co-founder. Research Scientist at HPLabs & UCLA. PhD in Comp. Science, UCLA 1998. Skills: Networking, Virtualization, SDN, Linux Kernel, Openstack.
currently looking for co-founders and growth hackers.... coo @Articulate , coo @BloomSpot, product @Yahoo, product @WebLogic

Ubaid Saleem

Avatar for Ubaid Saleem
Exec turned startup entrepreneur. Exp in Prod Mgmt, Marketing, Strategy & Cust Exp. (READ: 1) Don't care about titles 2) Likes to get the work done 3) I'm old)

George Patterson

Avatar for George Patterson

Eddie Thomas

Avatar for Eddie Thomas
Founder @Stealth

Naveh D. Shetrit

Avatar for Naveh D. Shetrit
Co Founded 3NT Medical, Then founded and still CEO of a venture in the Open Science space.

Shilpa Lawande

Avatar for Shilpa Lawande
Co-founder & CEO,, healthcare AI startup. VP Engineering, Vertica, petabyte scale analytics platform.

Tamir Wolf

Avatar for Tamir Wolf
Went to med school. Served as Navy SEAL doc. Co-founded 2 companies treating metabolic disease. Went to HBS. Always hungry. Wanna impact lives exponentially.

Sacheen Patil

Avatar for Sacheen Patil
Business Leader@Stealth-Mode Startup 22 yrs of global experience, skilled in setting Integrated IT business/service line for global clients focus on M2M/IoT.

Brent Marcus

Avatar for Brent Marcus
Strategist / CTO / Biz Dev - Currently, I consult with various technology startups at different stages in addition to consulting established companies.

Felix Xavier

Avatar for Felix Xavier
Founder, Stealth mode startup

Ketaki Rao

Avatar for Ketaki Rao
Product Executive with experience starting, working in and advising startups. Investing in startups focused on food, health, productivity, and pets.

Nik Sharma

Avatar for Nik Sharma
Currently building an influencer marketing agency. Formerly sales at an ad tech company, social media for Pitbull, MAGIC!, etc. Social media/advertising guy!

Eran Bernstein

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I'm an entrepreneur at heart, all my mind devoted to entrepreneurship and innovation. Right now I work on a new venture under stealth mode.

Samuel Lyon

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Web developer experienced in full-stack React/Rails/ES6 applications
Product and Sales guy. First start-up launched first US carbon product label. Biz & Policy MS at MIT. Hitchhiked through 40 countries, and can breakdance.
Owner at Adalia Holding • Cannapreneur • Founder @Stealth mode startup • Investment advisor • MMJ Rx

Prateek Singh

Avatar for Prateek Singh
Founder and COO Stealth Mode Startup Company, Looking Actively for Angel Investors.

Nicholas Jachowski

Avatar for Nicholas Jachowski
Co-founded Stealth Mode Startup Data Science Advisor to FinAccel PhD geospatial research experience all over Southeast Asia
Founder - stealth mode recruitment startup, worked early stage with and 10+ years in recruitment / career domain.

Baris Gultekin

Avatar for Baris Gultekin
Entrepreneur, angel. Previously co-founded Google Now @Google.

Frost Li

Avatar for Frost Li

Ke "Winters" Lu

Avatar for Ke "Winters" Lu
UCS CS master, Full stack generalist, launched 2 successful Web App, working at Salesforce, leading stealth start-up, worked at PaySimple, Kidaptive

Amit Gupta

Avatar for Amit Gupta
Founder @Stealth-Mode Startup • Worked at @Google, @Google Ventures • Passionate about education and social media

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