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Global marketplace for hyperlocal travel & experience providers

Software Engineer - React JS

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At Stayology, the challenges that we face are quite exciting for the size and variety of the data that we deal with and there's always something new to pick and work on. If you are excited about data on large scale and it’s propositions, look no further, this is it!

For this Developer position at Stayology, we are looking for someone who feels motivated to combine the art of design with programming to build out a great product and manage the life cycle.

Responsibilities for this position include
Develop and play a role in shortlisting features
Designing component in isolation and testing it with jest or mocha.
Can integrate nicely with rxjs and redux-observable for state management
Create plans and execute development REST Clients using React Native/ReactJS for the APIs provided effectively, keep a track of the product roadmap & schedule, managing it by sticking to release dates
Sound knowledge of GraphQL, Relay and other things around React.
Plan out information architecture for applications and resolution of UX issues
Implementing visual elements and their behavior with user interactions.
Having a systems approach towards building large scale applications, plan out functional design with clear details of every possible consumer journey on the app.
Coordinate with the Interaction Designers, Product Managers, and Backend Teams to come up with the best possible functional design.
Playing a key role in the planning and development of UX and functional design for the products that we work with.
Bridging the gap between the visual elements and the server-side infrastructure, taking an active role on both sides, defining how the product looks, functions and behaves in various conditions to deliver great user experience.
Update yourselves with the usage of animations, micro gestures and feedback mechanisms on User Interfaces
Write test cases for every feature being worked on.

Skills Needed
ES6, React-Native, ReactJS, UX, HTML5, JavaScript, Data, Information Architecture and Schema planning

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Global marketplace for hyperlocal travel & experience providers

Stayology focuses on Mobile, E-Commerce, Online Travel, and Big Data. Their company has offices in Singapore. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://stayology.com

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