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Private, Secure Communication


We're looking for contributors that share our passion for building a web that puts privacy and security first. Our principles can be found at our.status.im/our-principles - it's important to us that these resonate with any new team members.

As we're a remote organisation and have minimal hierarchy it's essential that our team are self motivated and disciplined.

We have an organisation-wide town hall meeting every two weeks where every team gives an update on progress, and most teams have weekly meetings. Aside from that, most work happens asynchronously over the Status messenger or collaboration via docs. Our Engineering team use Github, and the whole organisation uses Wrike (a project management tool) for managing work deadlines, collaboration, etc.

Teams tend to meet up in person once or twice per year and the whole organisation gets together at least once per year for face-to-face time. So far, we've visited Bangkok, Prague & Istanbul.

Perks and benefits

Share in our success

Everyone gets a stake in our success through the Status Network Token. You'll be given an amount of SNT, vesting over a 3 year period. Unlike traditional equity, if you wish you can sell SNT on the open market as soon as you receive it.

Entirely remote

Have total autonomy to work from wherever you want, whenever you want.

Unlimited vacation

We have a recommend minimum number of days you should take off, but no maximum!


We provide every contributor with a Headspace (https://www.headspace.com/) account to support their well-being.

All pets welcome!

Work from wherever you like - alone, or with an office companion 🐾


We have team budgets for travel to conferences, and at least once per year we all get together in person. Last year, we went to Bangkok and Prague.

Co-working space

We offer a small allowance (up to €250 Euros per month) for a people to rent a co-working space (or just expense a few coffees if you want to get out of the office and work from a coffee shop).