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Predictive SaaS decision-support tool for the urban planning & real estate industry.

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Us: A lean-startup-devotee, data-geeky, digital-nomadic, passionate group of city-lovers with a mission to (use data to) make places better and thereby make people happier, healthier, and thrive! More here: stateofplace.co

You: An empathetic, I'll-try-anything-once, eager-to-learn, data-driven/research/product development enthusiast, who is looking to get a taste of the startup rollercoaster, ready to assist us in our research a development efforts to help us scale the business using AI/visual machine learning/data analytics, become a State of Place data collector expert, make empirical links between the built environment and climate results, increase your network in the community development field, build research and product development skills, and want to love life while working with a dynamic group of just plain-good people working to make the world (at least slightly) better!

The Skinny: State of Place can be traced back to 2003, when our Founder/CEO, Mariela, accidentally became a data-geek while creating a tool to objectively measure the built environment characteristics that impact the way people feel about their cities. She soon embraced this new-found title, and began her consulting company, realizing that quantifying what made for good urban design - and calculating its tangible value - was actually the key to convincing people to make cities better (and thereby improve people's lives). Fast forward 15 years later, five years after first offering State of Place as a consulting product, we were awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research program that funded the MVP (first saleable version) of our software. Two years later, we have worked with nearly 30 customers in the US and Europe and counting and have an exciting (yet somewhat) untamed, ever-growing list of prospects.

Here's where you come in -- the combination of our Founder's internationally renowned reputation and proprietary algorithms/forecasting models as well as our CTO and Machine Learning Scientist's expertise in software development, AI, data analytics, product development and R&D, we are looking for research assistants to help us advance our AI-driven data collection capabilities to scale the business and achieve our vision to become an international standard citymaking tool.

What you get: This is an unpaid internship, but there is the potential (although cannot guarantee) for this to transition into a full-time, paid position depending on achieving revenue targets and/or whether we secure outside funding (which we are currently seeking). Clearly, you'll get a ton of on-the-job training (you'd be mentored by our Founder/CEO, CTO, and Machine Learning Scientist), enjoy flexible working hours, and gain invaluable experience working with an innovative, fast-paced startup. We also encourage interns to develop a professional development project that they can use to demonstrate improving a skill set or a deliverable/example of professional growth during the internship.

We successfully completed the Mass Challenge Accelerator program (only 8% out of 1500+ startups were chosen) and the Kickstart Accelerator Smart Cities program in Zurich (where only 2% of applicants were accepted), Katapult Accelerator program (invested in us!), and Joules Accelerator program (supported expanding our North Carolina market)! So you'll also get access to amazing mentors we amassed through these programs and have the opportunity to be part of our exciting product roadmap!

15-40 hours per week; min. 4 month commitment

Remote (work anywhere with internet access) but preference for those based in Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Metro Detroit, Bay Area, Charlotte/Research Triangle, Oslo Norway, Shanghai China.

We are Moneyballing City-making. Join us in disrupting the urban planning and real estate industries - replacing the top-down, opinion-based, expert-driven approach accessible to a few with a data-driven, evidence-based one, accessible to the many!

We hope you're as stoked as we are to meet you/us! Attach your resume/CV with a cover letter in your Angel List application. If you have any questions, shoot them over to careers@stateofplace.co.

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Urban Design Researcher & Entrepreneur; Founder of State of Place; Research Professor @NYU; Fulbright Scholar in Shanghai; ULI 40 under 40; Passionate cook
Social entrepreneur, urban planner/designer, advisor/board member to non-profits. Valuing community, sustainability and equality.

Andy Likuski

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