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Helping startups outrank top tier sites like Forbes & Amazon with extraordinary content & SEO

Content Writer for Agency working with US, EU companies (Remote) - Africa Team

$8k – $16k • No equity
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Startup Voyager is a 100% remote top-notch content and SEO agency working with exciting startups in the US and Europe.

*Our work has appeared in top publications like Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Huffpost, Lifehacker (US Editions). *

We are a 21-member 100% remote team distributed across 6 countries.

We have four team members from South Africa and are super-keen to add more employees from your country!

Our clients love us because we have the ability to frequently outrank top sites on Google, include giants like Amazon, Forbes, Capterra, Microsoft, CNN, etc.

We are looking for awesome content writers. People who are happy, self-motivated and believe that they can accomplish amazing things in life.

Here's the good news!
Several of our clients are companies that offer software for remote working. This has been a significant factor in our rapid growth this year - when everyone is working from home. Yay!

Check out this video to learn about our growth plan, and how you could change your life by working with us. https://vimeo.com/396229709/797ddf0a9d

If you join us, you will be trained in the same methodologies that enable us to consistently outrank top sites on Google. Most importantly, we achieve all this without technical SEO, backlinks or any other form of content promotion.

Check out our site here:

**Salary Range: **

US$8,000 - $16,000 a year (full time) depending on your writing ability, experience and location.

However, anything above $14,000 will only be offered to genuinely talented writers who have either:

  1. tons of experience in content marketing or SEO writing or B2B SaaS writing.
  2. Experience in writing articles on finance and fintech

This specified salary range is for residents of South Africa only. If you are based in other African countries, the minimum salary might be lower - depending on your location.

The salary would include a variable component of around 15-25%

Important: You should be able to accept money through Paypal or, Payoneer

(By the way, please read the entire JD before applying!)

We are looking for:

Excellent writers, with a background in content marketing. (No experience in SEO required)

*Open positions are for: *

Full-time employees or
Part-time employees who can dedicate a minimum of 40 hours a month (So please don't apply if you are just looking for a freelancing gig alongside your full-time job. This option is primarily for students.)

Required Experience:

  • 1 - 5 years in a content writing role (approximately)
  • You should have prior experience in writing blog articles.
  • You should have written at least 20 blog posts in your entire career
  • Writing for social media, website and landing page copy, etc. does NOT count.
  • Experience should preferably be in writing B2B topics
  • You get brownie points if you have experience in writing long form articles.
  • No experience in SEO required.

Scope of Work:

Ghostwriting articles for our clients’ blogs. Most articles will be above 2500 words.

Secondary Scope:

You will also need to do SEO research and other content marketing activities. But no prior SEO experience is required (we will train you.)

Essential Skills:

  • Native-level proficiency in written English
  • Excellent content writing skills in a number of different styles/tones
  • Strong research skills
  • Ability to learn new topics quickly
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar
  • Basic expertise in Google Docs

Additional Skills (that will give your application an edge:

Experience in SEO and other areas of marketing.

Required Soft Skills

Keep in mind that the standards here are the highest in the world. Therefore, even highly experienced writers find it rather challenging. That's why you should have the following soft skills:

  • A very strong desire to learn about SEO and content marketing.
  • Ability to adapt and learn new topics quickly
  • A strong interest in building a career in content marketing
  • A strong desire to win
  • Ability to work independently from a remote location
  • Ability to take initiative and take end-end responsibility for deliverables

Finally, we want folks who are happy and believe that they can truly change their lives! Yes, this matters!

Time Zone:

Several of our team members are based in India. You should be able to dedicate at least 3 hours a day anytime between 7am to 7pm India Time (GMT+5.30) for Skype calls and discussions over Slack.

Career Benefits of the Role:

  • Salary increments every 3 months (based on performance)
  • The opportunity to work closely with top marketing teams from the US and Europe.
  • Learn SEO and growth strategies being applied by the best content and SEO experts in the world.
  • Work with a highly motivated team with a powerful desire to win every single time.
  • Work in a team where your opinion and inputs matter - no matter how junior you are. We don't believe in hierarchies.
  • Ditch the daily commute and get the flexibility of a remote job.


Candidates shortlisted after an interview would have to write a 2000-word article writing assignment. (All candidates get the same topic.)
This is not a paid assignment and candidates retain IP rights to their assignment article whether they are hired or not. We will give you a deadline of around 7 days, so you will have plenty of time.

Please do NOT apply if:

  • You have trouble accepting any negative feedback about your work. (Even if you are already a Forbes columnist, you will still get tons of negative feedback here.)
  • You have not written at least 20 blog posts in your entire career.
  • Your don't have native-level proficiency in written English.
  • Your idea of a remote job is an easy laid-back job.
  • You just want a freelancing gig. We are only offering jobs - full time or part time positions.
  • You want to work part time for us without quitting your full-time job.
  • You have a history of changing jobs every year. (We only hire for the long haul)
  • Your current salary is more than the stipulated maximum amount in the JD (unless you are willing to take a pay cut)
  • You have strong biases towards any particular group of people. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.

To apply

Please mention what sort of experience you have in writing blog articles. (in 3 sentences max.)
Specify your salary expectation

Co-Founder and CEO

To learn more about us, check out startupvoyager.com

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Helping startups outrank top tier sites like Forbes & Amazon with extraordinary content & SEO

Startup Voyager focuses on SaaS, SEO, Startups, and Content Marketing. Their company has offices in London, Colorado Springs, and Delhi. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://startupvoyager.com/ or find them on Twitter.

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