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Business Researcher & Writer ( CONTRACT POSITION )

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This is job posting is for CONTRACT POSITION at small media startup company, that could lead to full time in future but there is no guarantee, we recommend you maintain another part-time or full-time position, if you’re not comfortable working for a business with little resources and pay, this isn’t the opportunity, there’s is incredible amount of opportunities here at Unscripted Startup at varying degrees from working on occasional freelance projects with us to coming on board as a part-time employee and working your way up to being a partner and company shareholder.

This is position is for individual people and we aren’t looking to outsource it another business or agency

All positions are paid on per project basis with performance bonuses, for content has higher than normal engagement, better the content you create, the more you could get paid, No positions are paid hourly.

We are quite flexible on how and when you do the work as long as it has been done, it can be 3 am or 3 pm as long as it gets done and you’re not stealing others' work or breaking the law.

We are looking for ambitious individuals who are willing to look at the long term vision and potential of this position without getting hung up on the fact that this isn’t a traditional job.

if you like what you hear and you want to get involved, email us at epic@unscriptedstartups.com.

Please read the whole job description!

in order for this job to be a great fit for both of us, you must meet these expectations.

  1. We aren't looking to hire your firm or agency, we are looking to hire one individual.
  2. YOU MUST BE committed and passionate about startups and entrepreneurship as being an out of the box thinker.
  3. YOU MUST BE able a self-learner and have a passionate for business, startups, entrepreneurship, trading and financial news.
  4. this is NOT a normal job, if you are looking for just paycheck, this is not for you!

  5. This JOB DOESN'T PAY HOURLY, you will be PAID PER PROJECT, you want make you as effecient as possible to make the use of your time, but we are also expecting HIGH QUALITY WORK.

  6. TIME COMMITMENT - this job is CONTRACT BASED, and each prooject could last any from 20 minutes to sererval deppending of your expereince and the depth of the project. this position could to grow to a full-time position in the next 8 - 12 months, we are flexible when you do the work as long as you're meeting deadlines, creating great written content.

IF YOU HAVENT BEEN SCARED OFF YET, here some details of the job.

This position will consist of but is not limited to :
Research and writing and producing business written content to be use on our podcast.

In other words, you will be in charge of reseaching topics and writting scripts and show note and suggested episode titles for multiple podcast shows per week.

We want to allow you the ability to create some awesome content, just remember it needs to small business focused and be shareable content that engaged the viewer!

This is NOT a typical job, we are looking for someone who has a huge passion and drives for entrepreneurship and growing this company.

In order for this business relationship to work, you must able to be upfront about questions, concerns or anything, honest is very important, so let know how long it going to take, if you have other obligations or you’re unable to do a certain task, and you must be dedicated to entrepreneurship lifestyle for this position, which does mean being able to innovate and create awesome stuff on tight budget and not let the hard times knock you down.

We are a very small startup company and finances are very tight, so starting off, we would only able to minimal amount per project, but as we grows, the rate will increase.

this is not a normal job or a normal company, so before you agree you need to be aware of the risk and rewards.

If you read this job posting, please respond back with the word "Bootstrapped" and questions or thoughts you have.

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We help self-funded businesses make an impact

Unscripted Startups focuses on Business Services, Consulting, Content, and Mentorship. Their company has offices in Salt Lake City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.unscriptedstartups.com or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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