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Let's Build Something Great Together

Let's Build Something Great Together

Starlly has brought out Spectra our SaaS solution to solve some of the very basic problems faced by service providers in the new urban equation and also for the segments that define tomorrow, agri, energy etc. We develop Business Intelligence solutions the way they ought to be. Technology we choose to work varies as the problems themselves vary. We believe in simplifying the workflows. Servy, yet another SaaS CRM from Starlly addresses the limitations in the after market service deliveries by producers of any kind of products. Its tailor yourself service for any business owner to improve customer satisfaction by bringing in effciciency in service deliveries. Over the years, we have developed expertise in end-to-end-solutions strategy, design and development of cloud based mobile and web applications, including UI/UX design, end-to-end project management and ideation-to-execution in product development. Prior to this we built Starlly Reward and Loyalty platform for F&B industry, had few customers to but enough, so we decided to pull ourselves to survival and sustainability by providing services and then we are getting back more solutions of our own..

NodeJS Back-end developer

web/web Application QA

Front end developer - React JS

Pyhton developer

UI Developer

UI Lead Developer

React Native Developer

Sudhakar Suga

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An active hustler being a founder-CEO @Starlly Solutions • before that 18+ years work at @netapp india, @EMC, @Global Edge Software @HP , @Sony India