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TL;DR - I am looking for a technical co-founder with solid management and design expertise to co-plan an MVP, and raise a team to deliver against it.

Full Story- Stardust currently has a bare bones website that we used for idea validation. Initial results are strong, with a cost per click under 60 cents. People are responding well to our value prop, and we are getting them to the site at a sustainable price.

This was all constructed by myself, the CEO. Now that I have validated the economics of the idea, I need a partner to co-plan the easiest MVP and start building it.

This is where you come in. My ideal co-founder is someone with solid management and design expertise because simply put, this isn't a one-wo/man job.

Stardust's infrastructure is a complex beast. It combines elements of a brokerage, marketplace and search engine to deliver a better investing experience for everyone. It is going to be the first of its kind, and it won't be easy to build. It's going to take a team of engineers with specialized skills.

It's a challenge that is getting smaller day by day though. New startups like alpaca.markets make trading as easy as plugging into an API, and there is plenty of plug and play code for the marketplace side. Furthermore, I am reasonably technical and will partner with you. I am ex-banking and corporate strategy, with expertise primarily in data structures like SQL and SAS.