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Starbase is blockchain token based crowdfunding/incentive sharing platform

Full stack or Backend engineer living in Singapore

$40k – $100k
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We are developing,
1.Token county site(already developed)
2.Token crowdsale site (half-developed)
3.Token early purchase and allocation system (half-developed)
4.Starbase platform web application (Token based crowdfunding/sourcing platform) (half-developed)
4-1. Ethereum wallet system with metamask (Chrome plugin which can manage Ethereum private keys locally) integration (Already developed)
4-2. Escrow system to protect token purchasers.
5. STAR token functionalities (STAR staking/discounts/ priority)
6. Smart contract development for token sale clients.

We would like to enable more innovative projects to use blockchain token based crowdfunding and crowdsourcing system without knowing about blockchain things!

And if you have enough knowledge of Solidity and securities issues around Solidity, that will be also awesome.

This is our stack

- node.js
- express
- Amazon EC2/S3
- react
- redux
- auth0
- bootstrap4
- styled-components
- solidity (Ethereum smart contract language)
- truffle (Ethereum smart contract development tool)

You can contact us also from here, support@starbase.co with your achievements and resume.

# Starbase medias:
Web: starbase.co
Blog: blog.starbase.co
Facebook: facebook.com/StarbaseCo
Twitter: twitter.com/starbaseco
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/starbaseco
Telegram: telegram.me/starbase
Mail magazine: eepurl.com/cnc1uD
Rocket Chat: starbase.rocket.chat.
Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCZRWRaKqeH0OjAreoqkab2g
Bitcointalk: Starbase

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