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Starbase is blockchain token based crowdfunding/incentive sharing platform

Fullstack engineer

$30k – $100k • 0.1% – 1.0%
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We are now developing:

1.Token Bounty site(already developed)
2.Token Crowdsale site (half-developed)
3.Token early purchase and allocation system (half-developed)
4.Starbase platform web application (Token based crowdfunding/sourcing platform) (half-developed)
4-1. Ethereum wallet system with metamask integration
4-2. Escrow system to protect token purchasers.

And Starbase business slideshares are here.

We are hiring fullstack engineer who wants to develop Starbase platform web application together.
This is our stack

- node.js
- express
- Amazon EC2/S3
- react
- redux
- auth0
- bootstrap4
- styled-components
- solidity (Ethereum smart contract language)
- truffle (Ethereum smart contract development tool)\
You can also contact us from support@starbase.co by sending your resumes with your achievements. And if you have strong interest around ICO/Blockchain token funding/payment that should be greater.

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