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Events belong in calendar

Events belong in calendar

At Stanza, we create powerful calendar products that connect people to meaningful experiences. In 2014, we launched our flagship product - the ‘Add-to-Calendar’ button - making it insanely easy for anyone to subscribe to their favorite teams’, artists’, venues’, and streamers’ schedule.

Today we’re proud to partner with thousands of organizations ranging from the NFL down to grassroot political groups that rely on Stanza to keep their communities updated. We’ve built the infrastructure to keep 13M users’ calendars updated as new events come up or changes are made.

We’re now entering the second phase of our company’s journey and have recently launched a premium consumer product, Stanza Plus, that gives people access to a growing library of calendars across a number of verticals - sports, esports, music, tv, movies, and more.

Ultimately, our goal is to launch our own version of a calendar app that is designed for your personal life.

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