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We’re on a mission to guide students, professionals and entrepreneurs to gain a global perspective through our Eco-Futuristic Global Programs. What does that even mean? We create and execute short term educational programs in different destinations like Singapore, Korea, Paris, Bali, Hong Kong, New York and London, providing our participants with international experience and certification from accredited institutions. We mix Education with International Travel and stir it with Tourism and a whole lot of Networking to help our students discover their creative juices and give them a holistic experience, providing them with business knowledge and tools to explore, learn and grow their network globally. We are a group of digital nomads who have international experience and understand the importance of being global.
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Creative & Digital Marketing Champion

Posted 6 months ago

Job Brief for Creative & Digital Marketing Champion:

#globalstartup #foundermindset #lovedesign #creativity #agile

We're looking for a Creative & Digital Marketing Champion who will take a lead on all the content for our campaigns including display, video, emails and grow our socia...


Digital Marketing Internship

We're looking for a Content Writer / Social Media Marketing Intern to grow our social media channels across the world.

The ideal candidate will have excellent command over English, ability to write creatively, make quick graphical designs using online tools, edit videos and have a creative and g...


Business Development (Sales) Internship

We're looking for a Business Development Intern to scale our B2B partnerships across the world, starting with India & Singapore.

The ideal candidate will have excellent command over English, ability to understand and talk to business professionals from different countries, have a growth-orie...


Business Development & Growth Champion (earning potential up to 100,000 INR)

Posted 6 months ago

*Job Brief for Business Development & Growth Champion: *

#globalstartup #foundermindset #lovecustomers #energetic