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AI-powered checkout for retail

AI-powered checkout for retail

Humanity spends billions of hours waiting in line every year. At the end of those lines we collectively spend over $20 trillion. We're building the next revolution of in-store payments with machine vision. Our system lets shoppers walk in, grab what they want, and get charged automatically as they leave. No lines, no friction. It's e-commerce level convenience in stores, without sacrificing the immediacy and tangibility of shopping. Our goal is to put this technology in every store around the world, and become the standard for how people shop and pay.

If you love machine learning, perception engineering, data infrastructure, building amazing tools to disect systems, or designing high performance real time execution engines, then drop us a line and help us change the face of the world. There are 7 billion people waiting.

Senior Backend Engineer

Backend Engineer

Michael Suswal

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Brandon Ogle

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Co-founder @Standard Cognition. High performance computing, deep learning, computer vision, software engineering.
CEO and co-founder. I love bringing together research and engineering to deliver awesome products. Also Japanese curry.
Founded Standard Cognition

John Novak

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Founder at Standard Cognition. PhD, Nuclear Physics from Michigan State University
Cofounder @Standard Cognition Previously: Chief Architect @Famous , Graphics lead @Mapzen , Math PhD


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