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Giuliano Iacobelli

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CEO and Co-Founder at @Stamplay a @500 Startups company. Full stack entrepreneur changing how software is built on the web.

Nicola Mattina

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Entrepreneur. Innovator. Educator. Co-founder of @Stamplay (acquired by Apple).


Mirko Di Serafino

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Software Engineer at Stamplay

Isaac Grey

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Coder Camps Programming Academy - Full Stack Javascript | Stamplay - front end support engineer @ Stamplay
Software Engineer at @Stamplay, @Capgemini
I work as developer at @Stamplay
Developer at @Stamplay

Board members and advisors

@the_hurry @Popmove @Greaterfoolteam @Slokka @EngineeringSpa @Xaltia @Kataweb @RaiNet Invested in @Pick1 @Stamplay @Dottori.it @LoopAILabs @Slokka
General Manager of Heroku Add-ons. Assisting companies launch and market products to developers every day.
Investor and advisor (data, sales and growth); prior roles in startups, VC, Bain, trading. Education: Bocconi, Columbia MBA & Kauffman Fellowship (VC)

Former team

Isaiah Grey

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Laurie Elie

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