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API Lego for developers

API Lego for developers

Stamplay is the next-gen development platform that allows to build backend of apps using APIs as building blocks. It can be dubbed as "Zapier meets Heroku".

When building a new app there is a ton of upfront work before really get started and apps today need to integrate so many APIs for features like payments, messaging, emails, analytics, realtime and so on. APIs explosion has changed the way software is built and Stamplay is now making this faster, easier and more secure with a higher-level abstraction.

This is a radical shift from traditional backend services. BaaS are convenient until you have a use case that goes beyond the built-in capabilities and this is why we believe Stamplay's serverless modular approach is what comes next.

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Giuliano Iacobelli

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CEO and Co-Founder at @Stamplay a @500 Startups company. Full stack entrepreneur changing how software is built on the web.

Nicola Mattina

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Co-founder @Instathings Co-founder @Stamplay (acquired by Apple)
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