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In a context where even major Cloud apps and infrastructures eventually experience downtime, where the scalability of Blockchain technologies is severely undermining the adoption of decentralized apps (e.g. CryptoKitties), Stacktical is poised to operate in a market in desperate need for new ways to guarantee the performance of online services and align the interests of their stakeholders using Blockchain technologies and Risk Management practices.
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Performance & Site Reliability Engineer

  • Maintenance of servers and microservices, including critical production environments, in Cloud and other hosting configurations (dedicated, vps and shared).
  • Ensure the availability, performance and scalability of applications in respect of proven design and architecture best practices.

Blockchain Engineer & Smart Contract Developer

Do you want to build the future of performance failure, outage and downtime compensation with us?

We're excited to welcome a Smart Contract Developer to the Stacktical team to further accelerate the development of our decentralised service level management platform on the Blockchain.