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Mobile Development for Clinical Trial Operations

Marketing Intern

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*Create and develop emails that convey our lines of business and engage recipients
*Communicate effectively and consistently via email
*Reach monthly/quarterly goals
*Create link building search phrases on a weekly basis
*Develop and log contact information and statuses on a weekly basis, ensuring contacts are high quality contacts/organizations/websites
*Provide support to the team as needed
*Attend team meetings
*Work up to 20 hours a week
*Communicate & work collaboratively
*Self-manage, drive initiatives, execute tasks to completion

Minimum Qualifications

*Degree in Marketing or related field (or in progress)
*Experience with social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter and others
*Knowledge of basic social media functions: hashtags, sharing posts, favorites, pinning, tagging, and influencers
*Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills (written and verbal).
*Experience with Google Drive, Gmail, and LinkedIn
*Fundamental understanding of internet search
*Respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner
*Knowledge of marketing principles and content creation

Preferred Qualifications

*Experience with CRM (Hubspot)
*Ability to quickly make decisions and determine best responses to posts
*Ability to see the big picture and how multiple media channels work together
*Ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure
*Ability to adapt to change and remain flexible
*Excellent time management and attention to detail
*Creative thinking with the ability to add insight to social media strategy
*Adaptable and quick to learn new processes and tools.
*Self-directed, goal-oriented and flexible, enjoy working in a fast-paced and at times challenging environment.
*Ability to work cross-functionally and with a wide range of employees with different skill sets.

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