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Charging infrastructure for electric fleets

Charging infrastructure for electric fleets

Stable is an early-stage, venture-backed company building the next generation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicle fleets. Charging infrastructure is a critical and underserved area necessary to make electric and autonomous vehicles a reality -- we’re working to fix that. Our founding team is a diverse group of former MIT Media Lab scientists and Googlers with backgrounds in robotics, optimization, and machine learning.

Our investors include Qasar Younis (former COO at Y Combinator), Kent Goldman (Upside VC), Habib Hadad/Calvin Chin (MIT's E14 fund), Reilly Brennan (Trucks.vc), Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance), Sunil Paul (Founder of Sidecar), and more.

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Software Engineer - Platforms and Infrastructure

Software Engineer - Platform and Infrastructure

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