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Keeping Travellers Safe with State of the Art Technology

Keeping Travellers Safe with State of the Art Technology

PROBLEM-DFAT want to increase Smartraveller registrations but they havent made it easy for people.

SOLUTION-St Christopher is a software solution that registers travellers on Smartraveller automatically. The travellers just need to forward their itinerary to us.

WHO PAYS? DFAT have run Smartraveller campaigns costing $3.8 million but only yielding 130,000 extra registrations on the smartraveller system (~$30/registration). St Christopher can deliver this for significantly better value. For further information on the business model click here- tinyurl.com/o865n7p

WHY WOULD DFAT PAY? The DFAT consular section costs Australian taxpayers $1.2 billion annually+is increasing every year.

ARE THER OTHER MARKETS? While DFAT is the primary market and focus, other markets exist. Markets range from other government departments, travel agents, online travel sites, private organisations, general pubic+foreign governments. Please ask about the business models for these sectors.

Justin Ho

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Founder Empowered Websites, St Christopher. Revolutionised citizen science for birders+a self confessed research geek.

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