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Touted by many as a BILLION dollar idea, SkillSoniq is building an "Uber for Local Freelancers" AI driven app to revolutionize the old school recruitment space. On SkillSoniq, with the click of a button, freelancers find their next on-site project and employers find their next freelancer. Our mission is to enable companies to work with talent when and where they want, at highly affordable rates.
Our local, specialized freelancers are affordable, high quality and work with clients on-site. This gives our clients a chance to test these freelancers in the workspace before giving them a full-time gig. This role is an opportunity to join the founding team, and help build a truly revolutionary product for freelancers and employers alike.
What's lacking in job portals today is that they stop collecting data from job seekers after the job seeker gets a job. Hence, they never find out if an employer has hired someone on their portal. SkillSoniq, on the other hand, continuously seeks to collect data points from freelancers before and after they get a project. This helps us personalize our services to freelancers and employers, power our AI based engines, and ensure that companies and freelancers connect instantly with the click of a button.

We are looking for an experienced Deep Learning NLP Engineer who can:
1. Run existing Python based scripts / data scrapers, to scrape leads for us from publicly available data. We have already built these scrapers that you will manage for lead generation purposes
2. Creatively use a large training corpus we currently have in place to build a training + testing + validation framework which helps us deploy new ML based models to enhance our existing matching algorithms
3. Build a backward propagation deep learning NLP model that self learns from accept/decline decisions made by the employer and from the training corpus mentioned in the above point
4. Use the training corpus for more use cases:
a. To screen initial set of freelancers applying on SkillSoniq, in order to accept/decline them
b. To predict next set of hires for clients based on freelancers they have currently hired through SkillSoniq
c. To enhance our existing matching algorithm based on feedback received from employers and freelancers before and during projects
5. Work as a generalist, where he/she both builds models to support the business case, and analyzes market response / data to figure out patterns
6. Build and Lead a Data Science organization in the future

More specifically, the job will entail:
1. Using a combination of deep learning NLP and ML based models to convert our rule based recommender engine into a machine learning based engine.
2. Creating ML/Regression/LSTM models that perform better than existing algorithms, using our existing training corpus
3. Deployment of a Training + Testing + Validation framework which automatically deploys new models if they perform better than existing model
4. Integrating ML/NLP based models into our Ruby on Rails code base on an ongoing basis, and helping make decisions on the architecture of the code and the recommender engine
5. Working in Python, NLP, PostGreSQL, and managing DevOps to ensure regular testing, functioning and deployment of code

Desired Skills and Experience:
1. Candidate should be able to work independently without much direction, other than the founder discussing the business case and desired outcomes
2. Candidate should be based in New York and available to work part-time to begin with. Should not hesitate to work longer hours when required
3. Candidate should be a great communicator, being able to convey complex concepts easily
4. Experience in building and testing mathematical models
5. Experience in working with startups as the only NLP and Deep Learning Engineer
6. Experience in building NLP models, by utilizing Python libraries such as TensorFlow, Fuzzy similarity, RAKE, TF-IDF, Word2Vec, Doc2Vec
7. Experience in building SVM models backed by training data-sets
8. Experience in building Deep learning neural network models with high prediction
9. Experience with Python, SQL and DevOps a must - Prefer someone who also has experience with Ruby since our master code base is on Ruby on Rails

1. You will receive a stipend for the first few months, as a part-time freelancer
2. After a few months of trial, you will be offered a full-time job at a competitive market rate
3. Stock Options / Co-Founder role can also be offered based on performance

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Uber for Local, Skilled Freelancers

SkillSoniq focuses on Freelancers. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, SkillSoniq has raised $100K of funding; their latest round was closed on April 2020.

You can view their website at http://www.skillsoniq.com

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