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Touted by many as a BILLION dollar idea, SkillSoniq is building an app to revolutionize the way companies hire talent. On SkillSoniq, with the use of AI, companies hire local freelancers within just a few days. They then test them out and flip them to their payroll if there is a perfect fit, thereby reducing their risk and cost of recruitment. We are making hiring as simple as speaking into Alexa or Google Home, and recently raised our first seed round from Venture Capitalists, Successful Entrepreneurs and angel investors from Amazon, Airbnb and Goldman Sachs. Our seed round was 200% over-subscribed. We are looking for rockstars to join our growing team - Those who believe in our vision and are "doers" who do not judge.
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Sales Rep

Posted 2 months ago
  • Selling to our identified list of “hot leads” through email/phone/social media
  • Selling to your own network of companies in New York
Software Engineer

Ruby on Rails Full Stack Developer

Posted 2 months ago
  • Developing, Testing, Deploying New Product features
  • Maintaining our Web App (Front End and Back End)

Data Scientist

Posted 2 months ago

Touted by many as a BILLION dollar idea, SkillSoniq is building an "Uber for Local Freelancers" AI driven app to revolutionize the old school recruitment space. On SkillSoniq, with the click of a button, freelancers find their next on-site project and employers find their next freelancer.