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Taher Haveliwala

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Founder @Kaltix (acquired by @Google in 2003). @Stanford University CS PhD. Angel Investor.

Bruno Bowden

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Data Collective for Big Data investing. Formerly worked on Enterprise Gmail, Google Earth, TED Speaker (twice). Computer Science degree from Cambridge.

Manyam Mallela

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Co-Founder, Head of AI at Blueshift, Employee#1(Kosmix -> @@WalmartLabs), Angel Investor, UT Austin CS, IIT-Bombay CS

Zavain Dar

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Investor @Lux Capital Stanford Philosophy & CS, Adjunct Lecturer Cofounder, Fountainhop Data Scientist, Discovery Engine Data Driven Nihilist

Nan Li

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VC @ Obvious Ventures | Adjunct @ Stanford; Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, Startup Product & Operations, Bain Capital Ventures, Michigan CS/Math

Ramana Rao

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CTO Livefyre (Adobe), Founder iCurrent (Washington Post), Founder Inxight (SAP) . Xerox PARC. BS/MS from MIT.

Innovation Endeavors

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TenOneTen Ventures

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Matt Ocko

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Investor for 20 years in teams (@Zynga, XenSource/CTRX @Facebook, Datamirror/IBM, Fortinet/FTNT, Tango, @Metaweb, D-Wave) solving hard problems for large markets.
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