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Distributed ledger technologies are transformative tools that change the very way we do business, but only if we stop boxing out the people who can benefit most. We open this new class of apps to everyone. We want to push blockchain outside of the trend cycle and unlock the real power of cryptography for easier authentication and a better user experience. Until now, this technology has been reserved for those who live inside the blockchain bubble and readily use browsers like Metamask — which in turn limits the technology’s real impact by keeps its user base narrow. We want to pave the way for mainstream adoption of blockchain, easing the burden previously solely placed on the user. We’ve built a way to easily, reliably, and securely sign, sign in, and recover private keys.
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Software Engineer - Full Stack

Who We Are:
We are changing how decentralized applications onboard and engage with users. We help users to better see and to better use applications on the Ethereum blockchain without having to learn massive amounts of technical jargon.


Dev Ops Engineer

We're looking for an AWS rockstar to work with our CTO to ensure 100% uptime and low-latency responses from all of our services. Preferred skills/experience: EC2 management, auto-scaling groups, S3, Route 53, Docker, ELB, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, Linux, MongoDB.