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End-to-end onboarding solution for decentralized applications

End-to-end onboarding solution for decentralized applications

There are thousands of dApps across the world today. Through Squarelink's seamless onboarding experience, where users can easily understand and use their wallets, these dApps better adopt and retain new users to create a more diverse and engaging permissionless ecosystem. Without compromising on security or design - and all the while providing a completely non-custodial product - We seek to facilitate a web where both crypto enthusiasts and technical Luddites can benefit from and contribute to the growth of dApps. Most importantly, at Squarelink, we put our focus on being good human beings first. As for our product, try it out - we’re positive you’ll fall in love with it, whether it’s the functionality or the design. Squarelink can be easily integrated in less than 10 minutes using our well-documented SDK and requires no prior blockchain knowledge for new users to take full advantage of its benefits.

Software Engineer - Full Stack

Dev Ops Engineer

Alex Patin

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CTO @Squarelink & Innovation Fellow @Harvard University

Myungin Lee

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Product @Squarelink ; Studied CS & Philosophy @Harvard

Danielle Bohyun Kim

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I’m Danielle, a product designer based in New York. I am passionate about translating human stories into impactful design solutions.