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Square Panda is a Phonics Learning System for Kids Ages 2-8

Square Panda has tactile “smart letters” that turns a tablet into a phonics workstation.

Children learn as they play with a wide diversity of interactive games that keep them engaged for hours as they progressively acquire deeper reading skills.

Square Panda is unique because it is the only comprehensive multisensory Phonics product on the market with 14 levels of phonics instruction and a cloud based tracking system that measures each child’s individual progress, challenges, preferences for game types, and patterns of play. The more your child plays with Square Panda, the more it becomes customized to them.

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Consumer Product Design Engineer and a Plastic Injection tooling / manufacturing wizard.
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Herve Gomez

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I have 15 years experience adapting innovative technologies to story based content and 10+ years experience developing games and interactive content