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At SquadX we solve the areas rigidly defined by doubt and uncertainty!

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“Life has to be more than just solving problems”- Elon Musk SquadX is building blockchain services that extend far beyond financial sector service.The current world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is filled with uncertainties and speculations.The rising influence of speculation is hurting the industry and only logic and awareness can impart the required clarity. At SquadX we are focussing on building products and services that will enable faster adoption and promote low cost experimentation of the blockchain. Initially we are following a layered structure to fulfill our goal. This includes but is not limited to: A top quality crypto media channel A highly secure crypto exchange service A smart contract based B2B service Algo trading As a part of team you will not only learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies but also work on some of the products of future in this space. If you’re someone who is passionate about cryptocurrencies and wants to take it as a career option than squadx is the right place for you. We’re a team of misfits who embrace uncertainty as a challenge and work hard to bring more certainty to the world. If you’re someone who fits our description and thinks it exciting enough (as we ourselves would never do something if it weren’t exciting for us !) then we invite you to join us in our journey of ‘uncertainty’.
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Crypto Journalist Editor

Our growing company is in need of an experienced and ambitious Content Editor to oversee the development, execution, and delivery of Crypto and blockchain content across our platform. The Content Editor will manage an expanding team of Content Journalist, interact with C-level team members and bu...