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Spruce is looking for a sales leader for our sf office. Must have experience with sales management and leadership for a software company. Experience particularly valued if in saas environments that have inside-heavy / “pull” strategies, low acvs, small business customers, heavy self-service, diverse customer segments, or/and other relevant attributes. Must be a good leader and manager. Must be highly collaborative and regarded by former colleagues as a great teammate and mentor. Must be entrepreneurial and talented at creating and adjusting sales pitches and playbooks (including segment-specific playbooks) not just executing them. Must handle ambiguity well and be good at adapting to new sales environments not just applying an off-the-shelf framework. Must love the product and the problem and be good at pitching Spruce.

Apply by sharing why you’re excited about the role and relevant experience you’re proud of (with a particularly focus on the projects or contributions you’re most proud of). Multiple seniority / experience levels considered. Comp data here on Angellist flexible will calibrate to market.

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