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Bionic Knee Braces

Bionic Knee Braces

At Spring Loaded, we have developed bionic knee bracing technology that can enhance the strength and power of the leg muscles, thereby augmenting the users mobility. Our technology can be used in a wide range of applications including: injury prevention and rehabilitation, mobility assistance, and performance enhancement. The idea of enhancing leg strength with knee bracing is not new. Previous solutions have failed however, primarily due to the fact that a powerful enough mechanism could not be implemented on a small enough scale to be built into a knee brace. At Spring Loaded, we have solved this problem by developing a novel technology that allows us to build a compact energy-returning hinge mechanism which can assist the leg muscles during knee extension (e.g. the motion that occurs while standing from a seated position).

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Chris Cowper-Smith

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Founder and CEO of Spring Loaded Technology. PhD candidate (Neuroscience) at Dalhousie University.