Spotted by Locals (since 2008) publishes online city guides and 100% offline apps with tips by locals in 77 cities. Our Spotters live in the city they write about, speak the local language and write only about their current local favorite spots. Founders Sanne & Bart are 100% owners and meet all Spotters in person. We believe a misunderstanding of other cultures is the root of many of the world’s problems. We aim to help change this, by allowing travelers to see a destination from a local’s perspective. We are increasingly worried about overtourism. We promote locally-owned spots outside of the touristy center and since 2018 exclusively launched guides to cities that can actually use more tourists.

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I can’t get enough of visiting cities with the tips of our locals. I love learning about all these different cultures, people and backgrounds.

Bart van Poll

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Luckiest guy in the world - traveling to meet nice people around the world for Spotted by Locals

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