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A video game played in real life, Foursquare on steroids

A video game played in real life, Foursquare on steroids

SPOTS is a new network platform whose goal is to promote positive social change using the power of playfulness and gaming. SPOTS is building an Alternate Reality Game that will bring fun, aliveness and meaning in people’s life. SPOTS offers great adventures for people who love to play challenging games. SPOTS is a Serious Alternate Reality Game where players engage in real life missions that provoke playful social changes in the community through creative and fun game experiences. SPOTS’ missions support individual self development as well as environmental and cultural awareness, pushing players to reach their best potentials as social actors in the community. Mixing live role play, creative works, performances, altruistic and socially useful actions, the missions promote the development of qualities and skills in players such as : creativity, passion, communication, boldness, adaptability, social integration, leadership, self confidence, love and compassion, awareness, sincerity, ethics and many more practical skills. As the players engage in individual or group missions they develop their skills in the 7 social roles/types. Each accomplished mission give them scores in one or several of the roles/types’ skills. Players become Agents of the SPOTS Heart Core Revolution, bringing changes in their own life and the life of their community. The goal is to simultaneously develop their 7 social skills as they score, climbing up the 7 levels to become a “ Heart Core Re-evolution Leader”. Players also self feed the game dynamic proposing missions to other players. Ultimately, qualified Leaders will receive scholarships and financial support from the SPOTS platform to develop their own meaningful large scale social missions. Players use mobile phones (smart phones) to virtually interact with each other. At home or out in the world, they research and perform their missions, document them uploading testimonials, videos or photos to the SPOTS website.

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