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Shounak Banerjee

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Marketing Associate at SpotDraft, having previously founded a marketing agency. I run a weekly newsletter with over 100 subscribers with an open rate of 40%.

Anirudh Varma

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Fast learner who likes to work on products that solve problems big or small. I get a lot of joy when my tools make someones life easier. Passionate about code.

Rishi A

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Passionate about Securities Law and FinTech - looking for opportunities in companies actively dealing with financial regulations.
Software Engineer.

Praseed M

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Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in Machine Learning, NLP. Graduation in CSE from NIT Calicut. prasi.praseed@gmail.com

Shashank Bijapur

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Worked at SpotDraft

Sushmita Venkat

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Talent Management, Employer Branding & People Operations

Parul Bhati

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Rohith Salim

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Current -Co-founder, SpotDraft (@spotdraftHQ) Past @Oyster, @Yelp, @Cuemath, @Rent The Runway, @Microsoft, @Venmo

Former team

Himanshu Makkar

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