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Make Bitcoin & cryptocurrency accessible to billions of people.


17 investors


Cedric Sellin

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Venture Partner at DN Capital. previous entreperneur and active investor

Thomas France

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Cofounder @Ledger


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Co-founder of Slidor.fr

Andy Chung

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Europe @AngelList, Co-founder @What's in My Handbag, Team member of @Eden Ventures. Team member @M-PESA

Philipp Moehring

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Managing everything Europe (funds, syndicates) @AngelList. Investing in early stage tech companies in Europe. Connecting founders, investors & talent.

Kima Ventures

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Investing in 2 to 3 startups per week, all over the world.

Samuel Manassé

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Payment nerd @BAMPAY co-founder of @Smile&Pay and @Fidbacks

Eric Larcheveque

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Ledger, Executive Chairman & Founder
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