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We make watching sports 10X easier

We make watching sports 10X easier

At the moment, watching sports is an utterly broken experience. Wasting time Googling for game times, streaming links, and tv information is commonplace, and this presents a massive opportunity. SportsBot5000 makes watching ALL your favorite sports and teams 10X easier. Instead of forcing viewers to hunt for game times, stream links, and tv listings, SportsBot5000 centralizes everything that a fan needs to get to their games as quickly as possible, and enables them to watch ANY game in just one click. Highlights, links to buy tickets, gambling info and SMS notifications are also all presented at every fan's fingertips to make every aspect of watching and monetizing sports more effective.

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Founded SportsBot5000. Worked at LifeWorks Learning Center. Founded Snapwiz. Founded San Francisco Elite Tutors.