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Sponsokit is the smartest way to grow with video marketing.

Video is eating the world...
It’s not just a big part of the web, it is becoming the dominant way we consume content online. No matter if it's on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, we love watching these personalities sharing their life and the well-crafted stories that gets our attention on our mobile feeds.

...but making videos is a risky investment.
Professionals don’t always know which original video to produce either themselves or by hiring the right talent. The result of this guesswork is often a sub-par branded video performance.

Trends help us predict the future.
Having full knowledge of trending themes amongst videos enables professionals to invest early in the right content with the right talent, at the right time to make the most of their video investment.

We are building the most advanced prediction engine for videos.
Wanna help? Join our diverse team of passionate video experts, engineers and data scientists.
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