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Short form audio is what we do. We create it, distribute it and monetize it



Will Mayo

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Founder of @SpokenLayer . Engineer (Intel &Goldman Co-ops). Teacher (Johns Hopkins). Musician. @Lehigh University MS Computer Engineering + Ergonomics '10


Matt Laszuk

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Math geek, data wonk, lapsed software engineer. Founder @IRIS Distribution (sold to Sony in 2012)

Brittany Olsen

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Senior Account Manager at SpokenLayer

Neal Shyam

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Product @SpokenLayer . Hacker of all things Alexa / Python / Flask

Sarah Zuk

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HR and Corporate Operations Associate at SpokenLayer

Kate Judge

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Worked at SpokenLayer, Outfront Media. Experience with Billing, Business Development, Construction. Went to University of Scranton

Jeff O'Connell

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CTO at SpokenLayer

Rachel Crocker

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Brendan D'Arcy

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Brand Campaigns Director for voice & podcast studio in NYC following digital & creative agency experience across Shanghai, London & Australia.

Mia Bloomfield

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* Writer/Producer/Director of scripted audio * Enthusiastic and positive collaborator * Process fiend * Big fan of feedback * Amateur cook + pro eater

Casey Rule

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Jonathan Salm

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Business Development at SpokenLayer

JD Sipes

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VP Engineering

Board members and advisors

CSO Downtown Music Holdings, Co-Founder @Songtrust

Jeff O'Connell

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CTO at SpokenLayer

Bob Bausmith

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Founder & CEO, Accelerate Innovation Managing Director, CEO Quest Board Chair, SpokenLayer Co-Founding CTO, Carevive Systems
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Former team

Patrick McCarthy

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Jonathan Ingram

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Kailee McArdle

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Olivier Sherman

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Sarah Storm

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Wing Lian

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