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The Story of Spires

Looking for a knowledgable, professional and value adding tutor? One that knows your exam board and syllabus and can tutor at 8pm on a wednesday evening? Struggling to find one locally?

Unless you live in a major city it is unlikely that you will! Even then there might be a better tutor in another city...

That's why we created Spires: The world's first marketplace for online tutors.

We want to give everyone in the world access to high-quality tutors no matter where they live. We also want to allow professional tutors to work with students no matter where in the world they choose to be.

Tutoring companies all suffer from one major barrier: Physical location.

It's easy to find a professional tutor in Central London but its hard to find one in Iceland. On Spires, students in Hong Kong are working with tutors in Germany. British tutors gone travelling in Bali are working with their students in Edinburgh. Columbians are learning English from brits and brits are learning French from Parisians.

It's the 21st Century and we are bringing tuition into it it. Modern education technologies mean you don't need to sit together around a piece of paper and books in the kitchen anymore. You can each have a computer, share a digital whiteboard, digital pens and chat on webcam. You can record lessons to a cloud-based storage space and share your sketches and notes via a messenger.

We have spent three years perfecting the product and now are looking to hire the perfect marketing manager to join the team to help us spread the word of Spires.

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PhD Machine Learning at Oxford University

Leo Evans

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PhD Finance from Imperial College, Seasoned Ed-Tech Entrepreneur: Founded The Profs, Founded BitPaper, Founded Spires, Founded Black and White Advisory
Founder @Spires

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Instant Online Academic Help

Spires focuses on Education. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://spires.co or find them on Product Hunt.

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