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Remote patient monitoring for chronic respiratory diseases



Neema Moraveji

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Co-founder @spire • @Stanford University Ph.D. • Teach design at @Stanford University d.school

Jonathan Palley

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Co-founder Spire. Does tech/biz/everything. 2x Entrepreneur. Started/raised funding/sold company in China. Improv is life. Studied physics & theater at @Stanford University.


Maggie Robb

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rin chon

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Brad Rodrigues

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President @spire with GM/sales/marketing experience at start-ups + @Nike, @Leapfrog, @Nokia. Studied @Stanford University and @Harvard Business School.

Maggie Robb

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Startup leader, International MBA, Worked at adidas Group and Apple

Dylan Jackson

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Lead Embedded Engineer @spire. Boston University MS, MIT Lincoln Laboratory + two startups, hardware/firmware developer, birder.

Mark Holt

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Data Scientist Spire. MD University of Western Australia, PhD (Neural Networks) University of Oxford. Co-founded ThirdPhase (UK), sold to Cmed.
Building things @spire. Previously @Qualcomm, Studied @Madison

Lei Guo

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Master Degree of Computer Science. Core team member at Idapted, partner of Brainpage. 10+ years experience of software development.

Former team

Sterling Albury

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Allen Sligar

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Casey Wilson

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Ross Rudolph

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Michal Habdank-Kolaczkowski

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Jackie Garfield

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