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Revolutionizing access to space


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Steven Hong

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Co-Founder/CEO @Oculii Former Partner @Kleiner Perkins Co-Founder/Dir of Product @KumuNetworks EE PhD/MS @Stanford University

Nate Williams

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Founder/GP@ UNION Labs, fmr EIR@Kleiner -> Hardtech investor/advisor to Proxy, Shoof, Roost, Matterport, DataScience, Klue. Fmr August CRO (acq), COO @4Home

Maximus Yaney

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Co-Founder & CEO Maximus Yaney is a serial entrepreneur, engineer, and avid inventor. Founded Kangaroo, Mohawk, and Titan Aerospace.

Buddy Arnheim

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Firmwide Chair, Emerging Companies Practice, @Perkins Coie


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Investing in early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software

Asher Delug

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Entrepreneur and investor.

Adrian Aoun

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CEO/Founder @Forward, Special Projects @Google / Alphabet , Founder/CEO of @Wavii (acquired by Google). Angel Investor.