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Thomas Hessler

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Dad | Founder @UFOstart @Globumbus @Zanox | Investor & Explorer in Bitcoin, IoT, 3DP, Robotics, AgTech


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Techstars is the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed

Don McLagan

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Was the CEO of @Compete.com. He is an investor in RunKeeper.

Mike Zelnick

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Passion for tech startups, ASIC design, IOT, managing products and projects. It's not the strongest that survive, it's those who adapt to change the best.

Avery Hager

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Invested in many startups and I keep investing....

Heidi Allstop

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I like building companies and products.

Mark Hager

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Investor in @Bitly @Dome9 , @Briefcam, @Lob @Ctera Networks . Team member of @ALM-UNLTD.

Steve Reaser

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Co-founder Scratch Labs, former co-founder Funding Launchpad,  @webassign. Product guy, Startup geek, passionate about UX. Mechanical Engineer, Cornell.
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