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Spero was created by Phaedra Randolph, who wanted clean dairy alternatives that actually taste good. So she leveraged her backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, and art to develop Spero's products and brand. At Spero, we make dairy from seeds. Our superfood cream cheeses are crafted from organic sunflower seeds. Why sunflower seeds? They save water— 10x less than cashews/almonds/dairy. You can finally have cheese that fights climate change AND is good for you. Our cheeses are made from real, superfood ingredients and are packed with 5g protein and probiotic cultures— no gums, soy, nuts, or anything processed. You can learn more about our products in our sales sheet.

Just this past year, Spero has been:

- IAB 2020 Most Disruptive Food & Beverage Brands
- TED Women featured
- Forbes Under 30 Most Innovative
- Winter Fancy Food Show Standout Startup
- RXBar Founders backed
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