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We are on the hunt for passionate team members to help us build the future of Quant Finance & ML-driven investment research. We are seeking disruptors who don't fall victim to the status quo.

We are unapologetically passionate about our work. We fundamentally believe that our work is going to change the way the world thinks about Finance, ML, and Applied AI. If this is attractive to you, please get in touch.

The Spawner.AI stack is built on Python, Vue.js, SQL Server, and Databricks. For our production-ready Deep Learning we have a preference for TensorFlow. For our non-Deep Learning tasks we have warm feelings for Scikit-Learn.

We ingest data from many different sources. Come get in on the ground floor of building our stack.

We are primarily looking for part-time remote contributors, but also hiring for some remote full-time employees that showcase exceptional fit for our mission.

Skillsets we identify with:
Quants, traders, analysts
Developer, engineer, builder
AI/ML, Data Science, data-driven insights

Please email us at info@spawner.ai for more information.
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Software Engineer

Dash/Plotly Developer

Posted 4 weeks ago

Short-term position that could turn into long term for a developer who wants to help us build the future of finance. One of our applications is built using Dash. We're looking to push forward our delivery date by adding an experienced Dash developer.