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Founding Head of Growth @spatial-4 Founder @Homefield • Studied at @Saint Louis University
Computer Engineering Undergrad, Computer Science Masters, GE Aviation, Spatial Co-founder/CTO (Techstars '16)
Co-Founder Spatial [Techstars '16] • Ethnographer | Designer | Adventurer


Nathan Rooy

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Interested in the intersection of machine learning and the betterment of society. Currently at Spatial.AI [Techstars Mobility '16] (machine learning engineer).

Jimmy Chase

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Worked at Spatial [Techstars Mobility '16]. Went to Miami University

Chad Gardner

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Solutions Architect at Spatial.AI

Board members and advisors

Founder and CEO - Tome Software Founder Livio (Acquired by Ford 2013) I go real fast on bikes, real. fast.
Innovative Automotive/Mobility Marketer and Strategist ❖ Grows New Products and Ventures for Corporations and Startups