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High-tech underwear protecting your health and fertility

High-tech underwear protecting your health and fertility

SPARTAN is a stylish high-tech boxer brief that protects your health and fertility.

A number of recent studies tend to show that men who keep phones in their pocket experience a very strong reduction in fertility (close to 50% decrease in sperm production) as well as a potential increase in the risk of developing testicle cancer.

The Spartan Boxer Brief is the first well-designed high-tech male undergarment that blocks over 99% of all cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.

We did this by incorporated pure silver fibers in the boxer using a high-tech process, hence bringing to underwear the same advanced technology used in space suits. This also makes SPARTAN boxers anti-bacterial, so they stay fresh and odorless at the end of the day.

SPARTAN are designed in Paris for ultimate comfort and an exceptional fit.

With SPARTAN, all you have to do is to put on your underwear in the morning and you can happily use your smartphone and devices knowing that your family jewels are safe!

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