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We take care of employee leave, so you don't have to

We take care of employee leave, so you don't have to

Sparrow is a fast-growing software startup based in San Francisco. Our mission is to make it simple for companies to provide their employees with all kinds of leave (i.e. family, medical, etc.). Currently, the leave management process is painful and inefficient for everyone—company leaders struggle to keep up with regulations and processes that change frequently, and the employees going on leave are overwhelmed by bureaucracy at an exceptionally important juncture in their career. Sparrow transforms this ordinarily tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming process into a quick and simple one, saving teams time (20-40 hours per leave) and money (up to $25K per leave). Sparrow is a diverse, highly talented and supportive team. Together, we are hardworking, collaborative, smart, and humble—after all, we’re solving real problems.

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