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Combining human + artificial intelligence to democratise science

Combining human + artificial intelligence to democratise science

Sparrho is the only platform in the world that democratises science by aggregating, curating, and summarising cutting-edge research using augmented intelligence – the convergence of AI and human expertise.

We are a world leader in making science accessible to build trust in brands. We achieve this using our unique combination of AI and PhD experts, which we call Augmented Intelligence.

50K+ Unique data sources
4000 new academic papers indexed daily
155k+ curated collections and 3-min digests
18k+ content curators across the globe
60M+ research articles and patents aggregated
150+ countries represented by the community
1500+ universities represented by the community

"Sparrho is an incredible resource for anyone who values research and real-time science! I've been playing with it in my own research activities for about a year now and I've got to say that it puts Google Scholar absolutely to shame."​
-- Kristin, testimonial on Product Hunt
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Founder of Sparrho • Cambridge PhD Grad • former President of CUTEC • worked in Aus seed VC firm • Learning enthusiast!