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Low-cost smart meters for developing countries

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SparkMeter makes it possible for utilities in developing markets to bring electricity to the 2.1 billion people in the world without reliable access today. The simple plug-and-play smart metering solution enables microgrid utilities operating in remote locations and central grid utilities to access a range of features - prepaid billing, customer communications, and remote monitoring and control – that improve their operations and help them achieve financial sustainability.

Come join SparkMeter’s Customer Success team and help increase electricity access in developing countries. As Commercial Operations Associate, you will help facilitate sales by moving our microgrid customers through our sales pipeline, helping improve our processes and systems, and increasing sales by managing existing accounts to improve customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on a problem-led, solution-based sales philosophy. We understand the challenges facing utilities who are working to increase energy access, and we look to learn from our customers’ challenges. Rather than trying to hard-sell a one-size-fits-all product, we’re talking with interested commercial and technical experts to discuss how our product can help with their specific problems, and what they will need to make the most of it in the context of their business and their objectives.

You'll focus on:

Sales. This is an external-facing role, and you’re excited to speak with utilities about their objectives and challenges and determine if we are the right product fit to help them address their needs.
Technical assessments of customers. You are eager to learn what makes a customer a strong fit for our product and will work to better understand our business as a whole to ensure we focus on partnering with customers we can service well and profitably.
Account management. A large proportion of our sales come from existing customers. You’ll work with existing accounts to understand their needs and how SparkMeter is performing for them. You will work with our Logistics Teams, Customer Operations team and Systems Engineering team to ensure we are delivering on our customers’ needs, whether for new hardware, new features, or additional training. You will help measure customer satisfaction and be a voice for our customers, ensuring their feedback informs our product development.
Compliance. Regulations vary from country to country, and our customers turn to us to make sure that our solution will help them grow and be compliant with local regulations and codes. You will build on knowledge from our customers and markets to help guide our compliance team’s priorities and make sure that our customers’ needs are heard and understood.
Improving our commercial operations processes. You’ll help manage our CRM (Salesforce) to ensure we are fully leveraging the tool for automation of processes and for reporting.
In your first few months you'll:

Learn our product and industry. We have a robust onboarding program so that you understand our product, its functionality, our market, and how to help prospects and customers understand it. And you’ll bring your own knowledge and experience in the process.
Participate in and then lead sales calls with prospects. You’ll jump right into our work by joining calls with leads to get firsthand contact with the criteria we use to qualify customers. After you become more familiar with how our products work, you’ll help us conduct online and in-person demonstrations for our potential customers.
Take part in Account Management of existing customers. You will work with our Customer Support team to understand the needs of our existing customers and to join in (and improve!) our account management touchpoints with new and existing customers, from software demos, to onboarding, to post installation check-in calls, to customer satisfaction surveys and more. As you get more comfortable, you will start owning relationships with some customers.
Represent SparkMeter at industry events & conferences. We travel internationally to events regularly to give talks, meet with our current customers, and expand our networks in the industry. You’ll join other members of our team at a few events each year. (Some recent events have been a few blocks away from SparkMeter’s Washington, D.C. and Nairobi offices, while others were in Abuja and Lisbon!)

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Low-cost smart meters for developing countries

SparkMeter focuses on East Africa and English Speaking Caribbean. Their company has offices in Washington DC. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.sparkmeter.io